How Sous Vide Equipment Create the Perfect Roast

How Sous Vide Equipment Create the Perfect Roast

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 While cooking at home is basically a one stop process, when you move from the home kitchen to the professional restaurant kitchen, you are suddenly adding a number of new steps. Instead of making that home recipe of Mom’s favorite pot roast for a family of six, you are doing it for a dining room of fifty. There are logistical problems of making sure everything is ready at the same time, and of course the mathematical problem of gearing up in size.

But one of the biggest problems for anyone is ensuring that the roast or any star piece of meat is served at the right temperature each time and every time. Cooking ahead can result in dry meat and cooking as needed is simply too time consuming. To solve this problem, commercial kitchens turn to Sous Vide Equipment to keep their meats cooking consistently and retaining moisture at the optimum levels. So what exactly does this miracle of cooking do and how complicated are they?

 Water and Sous Vide Equipment

The key to all of it is the fact that when you cook using sous vide equipment you are cooking your roast by completing immersing it in a bath of water that is kept at a consistent temperature. We all know from those long boring chemistry classes in high school that water is one element that can keep a temperature and if heated thoroughly will hold that temperature throughout its medium. This makes it the perfect environment for cooking something along the line of a roast at one even consistent temperature and keeping it there. Of course, by doing this in water we also keep the meat from drying out and allow greater control of the inner and outer temperature. It all adds up to a restaurant being able to offer a slice of Mom’s great roast beast, cooked at a perfect temperature throughout.

How Sous Vide Differs from Slow Cooking

While this may all sound a great deal like the old fashion slow cooker you have on your kitchen counter, there is a big difference between a sous vide method and the basic slow cooker. This is that it is a professional level piece of equipment that can hold the water to a consistent and precise temperature throughout the long cooking process. Where a slow cooker has a few basic settings such as low or high, the sous vide method will keep the water to a set temperature, such as 325 degrees, for a set amount of time or for as long as you need it to do so.

The other key to this is that when you cook with this method you seal the food in an airtight package before immersing it in water. When using this method for cooking the meat is cooked evenly throughout, with the inside done to perfection without overcooking the outside. When planned out and followed precisely it will create the perfect meal every time, time after time. What restaurant or even home kitchen would not want to learn how to do this?

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