Egg Dishes To Start the Day off Right

Egg Dishes To Start the Day off Right

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Egg Dishes

The old adage says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Indeed, a healthy meal in the morning—chock full of protein and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, along with a hearty portion of carbohydrates—can get the day started with a kick.  But whether or not breakfast is the most important meal, it can certainly be a delicious way to start the day, especially with a timeless dish like a Ben et Florentine franchise au Quebec eggs Benedict or a classic omelette.


Eggs Benedict first became popular in New York City, quickly earning its spot as a popular American brunch [and breakfast] item.  It is a simple recipe full of flavor (and protein).   But while it is easy to track where it first became popular, many conflicting accounts cloud the dish’s actual origin.

The traditional Eggs Benedict, of course, consists of a toasted English muffin (cut in half) topped with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce.  Of course, there are many variations on the recipe today, including protein substitutions like bacon or ham or a Florentine recipe with spinach and tomato. Modern eggs Benedict dishes might also employ mushrooms, various cheeses (brie, swiss, etc), and exotic proteins like chorizo.  Modern might recipes might also use a bagel or toast instead of an English muffin.


Perhaps one of the most popular breakfast staples, the omelette—as we know it today—is actually a modernized, refined version of something that is far more ancient.  History dictates, however, that the French word “omelette” did not really come into use until the mid 16th century, although earlier roots of the word—like alumelle and alumete—were in circulation perhaps as far back as the late 14th century.

The basic omelette consists of whole eggs beaten (whisked) quickly with a small amount of milk or cream until it “bubbles” and then rapidly cooking the mixture, folding it upon itself to enclose the other components.  While the term is, notably, French, nearly every cultural cuisine has a version of this dish.

Omelettes are among the most popular breakfast items in the world because they are so versatile.  Eggs are a simple protein that are light in flavor and so they can easily be influenced by vegetables, herbs, and other proteins.  Common omelettes will have some kind of cheese but many people like their eggs folded with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, olives, peppers, sausage, bacon, and more.


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